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WWE - John Cena Entrance.music
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WWE - John Cena
WWE - John Cena
WWE - John Cena
WWE - John Cena SMS
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My name is kaiser - 31.01.15
John cena you r myfavorite star in wwe or you was champaign in royale rumble
Jagkishan Behera - 31.01.15
you r so handsome and u r the best and other wrestlers r your students. u r the teacher.....
shoaib Malik - 30.01.15
Cena you are the hero who has the ability to beat everyone without cheating. I like you so much and watch your all matches. Don't worry for losing royal rumble.carry on
Ahsan khan and Farhan baloch - 26.01.15
John cena u r really hero and we hope u win the royal rumble and i wish that u reach in pakistan
kamal bharaj - 26.01.15
Hi john i am kamal from india.Jonn you are real hero for wwe.you are my favourite star you future of wwe
Lokesh - 26.01.15
U Are My Favorite Cena & U Are The Best
subham laha - 25.01.15
Jhon you are best . And you will conquor wwe champion. I belive you can do it.
pranav the future suparstar of - 25.01.15
U r real hero of wwe universe, but it's time kick the of HHH nd his wife.
Rocko - 24.01.15
U Know what i think CENA seth rollin and brock lesner made me sick ,U have to win the WWE title,Go On&kick their asses
Rajesh yg (Randy) - 24.01.15
I like you cena.but don't your live mach. i want your shirt & your hand band.
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